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Accreditations & Certifications

State of NY State of NJ Lovell Safety Management Co. OSHA Construction Exchange

DUNS NO - 004786455 TIN - 16-0731430 SBA - P0537712 CAGE/ NCAGE - 33LH5 CCR TPIN - 72289588

NAICS Codes 236220 238990 561622

SIC Codes 1541 7699



The quality we deliver comes from a legacy passed down through generations
within George A. Keene's experiences, work ethic, and expertise. Keene is
continuously aware of customers' expectations as well as their operational and security concerns. Quality comes from consistency in operations over many years of hands on experience within an evolving industry.

Experience - the hands on daily approach to managing every customer project
- applied to management of every project we touch, providing consistent
quality. At George A. Keene, experiences that drive quality are inherent in
every detail and aspect of our performance.

We spend the time to determine what is expected, get it done, and make sure
it meets customers' expectations. Each project starts with a complete
understanding of requirements. Every project ends with customer quality

In between, Keene proposes, plans, tests, reviews, and tracks the
work at hand and the project as a whole. From initial plans  to
the establishments of records, Keene offers a complete project approach to services.

A Keene project includes:

  • A thorough program management process
  • A thorough project management process
  • Application of best-skilled staff to the right task at the right time
  • Reviewing quality and progress throughout
  • Review of customer criteria and customer satisfaction

Whether our customers are buying equipment, buying services or a
combination, Keene's goal is to create satisfied and secure customers. A key in our success.


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